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Rural Development

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Rural Development


SERVICES are centred on rural development through digital interventions, and ruralinclusive infrastructure developments. On the one hand, persistent challenges, such as poor infrastructure, low quality rural services and the outmigration of young people, continue to put many rural communities under pressure and are rapidly accelerating their decline. On the other hand, there are also new and exciting opportunities for rural people and rural businesses arising from what have been termed the ‘key drivers of 21st century rural change’, drivers of change which include a raft of shifting social values and consumer preferences, the impact of digital technologies, the imperative of developing low carbon and circular economies, the emerging bioeconomy and so on.

We build Smart Villages - a place where people have access to basic life services like quality education, healthcare, sanitation and sustainable energy resources. It’s a place where local businesses have room to flourish and support the livelihoods of people. It’s a place where the community is active, informed and engaged at all levels, and ultimately feels empowered to make decisions on the future. We help corporates, international development agencies, NGOs, government, and institutions attain their sustainability goals.

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